Breaking Thru Enginering
for the future


•Telescoping Billet Transfer Arms
•Ducking Dog Billet Transfer Table
•Induction Heating Billet Conveyor
•Billet Descaler
•Bar Transfer Table
•Fixed & Disappearing End Stops
•Peeler Bar/Pinch Roll Assemblies
•Automatic Shape Stacker
•Billet Unscrambler
•Roll Conveyor
•Chain Conveyor
•Humping Chain Conveyor
•Pivoting Chain Conveyor
•Double Roller Conveyor
•Automatic Bundle Saw Conveyor

Riise is dedicated to fulfill your material handling needs. Past and current projects ranged from individual pieces of equipment to complete material handling lines including mechanics, electronics, hydraulics and controls. Some of the equipment we have engineered and designed are listed below:
Designed by E. Moffitt
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